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How do I use the Defrag?

The following article describes how to use the Defrag feature in MyTurboPC.

A computer system becomes fragmented when files are stored in a non-contiguous manner on the disk drive. In other words, rather than being stored as a complete unit in adjacent disk segments, files are stored in a "broken up" fashion or with gaps between them. This is typically caused due to files and applications of varying sizes being deleted and others being saved or because the operating system has allocated extra space. Once areas of the computer become fragmented, and as more and more files are deleted and saved, the system becomes even more fragmented. The result of fragmentation is performance loss; an overly fragmented system can lead to extra time launching applications and opening files.

The Defrag process resolves this issue. The process first involves analyzing your system to see if it needs defragmentation. If the system requires it, MyTurboPC proceeds to physically organize the disk content so that various section of each file are more contiguous and saved closer together.  This will not change where any of your files are located on your computer.

To Defragment your computer:

   1. Open MyTurboPC, and select the Disk tab along the top of the program.
   2. Now click the Defrag button.
   3. Under the Volume heading you will be able to choose which hard drive or partition you want to scan, if you have more than one.
   4. To proceed click the Analyze button.  This will scan your drive to check if it is defragmented, and if so you will be asked to Defragment.

Note: While MyTurboPC works to defragment all files it encounters, there may be some situations where insufficient hard drive space is encountered and a file is left fragmented. In these cases, the program will continue its operations until it defragments all the files that it can, given the available disk space. You can always run the defrag a second time after you have finished, and it will be much faster because the bulk of yourfragmented files have already been reorganized.

The time it takes to analyze and defrag your system depends on the speed of your computer (the number of available system resources), the size of your disk volume, how many files you have, and the level of fragmentation. We recommend running the process during a "down time".

Note: If you are having issues with the defrag process, please make sure your system meets the specific MyTurboPC system requirements. For users running Windows XP, we recommend upgrading to Service Pack 3.

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